Original Quick Change Rocket Sprocket
The worlds first and only TRUE quick change sprockets for kart racing,just loosen the retaining nuts and the sprocket half's will lift and rotate off the hub without the full removal of the nuts or gear guards making sprocket changes quick and easy or if you prefer the standard 6 bolt method can be used also. Available as #35 and #219 chain pitch, The only sprocket that gives you the choice and the option.
Solid one piece sprocket design with a single split line allows you to “twist” the sprocket over the axel making this the truest running sprocket, by reducing the tight spot loose spot syndrome of the split sprocket systems used today . Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum for a long service life.
Mini Rocket Sprockets
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Rocket Sprockets
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All of the same great features as our regular sprockets but just a scaled down version for less rotating mass on the rear axle. many sizes available in #35 and #219 chain pitch. Note: these sprockets must be used with the Rocket Sprocket Mini Hub.
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