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#219 Accelerator Series (Mini) Sprockets
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Rocket Sprockets began manufacturing racing go kart sprockets in 1992 with the intent of being original and a industry leader in new technologies. Our Patented Quick Change feature which allows the sprocket to be removed with out completely removing the retaining nuts or gear guard assemblies which allows quick and easy sprocket installations Rocket Sprockets also was the first to offer skip tooth sprockets to the general public along with the first purpose built mini sprocket setup for kart racing. We believe in giving our customers the highest quality and most innovated products to make your racing experience easier and faster. Why settle for less when you can have more for your money.
#219 Twist Series Sprockets
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#35 Accelerator Series (Mini) Sprockets
#35 Twist Series Sprockets
#35 Ultra-Lite Series (Reg.) Sprockets
#219 Ultra-Lite Series (Reg.) Sprockets
#35 Solid Series
#219 Solid Series